What Now After the Death of the Annual Performance Appraisal?

Take Back Control

I have just been asked to consult with an organisation about developing an annual performance appraisal process. They have never had any “system” in place to assess, motivate or inspire higher performance in their people. Back some years ago I conducted about 9 masterclasses on rethinking performance appraisals. One of the organisations whose leaders attended one of those suggested this organisation might like to talk with me before it proceeds. Having had one discussion with them, listening to why they want to make this move, what outcomes they were hoping to achieve by an annual performance appraisal, I attempted to show them that they wouldn’t get those outcomes from an annual appraisal but that there were other approaches that would. I encouraged them to move from performance management to performance leadership. I wanted them to adopt an approach that focused on regular, on-going feedback conversations and offered them an attractive package of training and support to enable them to do that. The CEO was not open to this. They are now looking for someone who will help them step backwards and set up the “system” they want.

This experience in mid 2022 made me realise that many organisations are not aware of the death of the annual performance appraisal, that for them it is still alive and well. There are still too many organisations using them to develop, enhance and assess the performance of their people. Here is the alternative in brief.

Moving from Performance Management to Performance Leadership.

This is a short, one page outline of what is involved in the shift organisations can make as they move away from the annual performance appraisal. It is a shift that done well will get them the outcomes they want.


The challenge for organisations in making this shift is how skilful their leaders and mangers are in leading this change. Many do not currently have the skills to do it successfully and need training and support (ideally through mentoring and coaching) to develop those skills.

If this resonates with you and you would like mentoring to help you make it happen, please contact me. My details are at the bottom of this attached handout.

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