What Now After the Death of the Annual Performance Appraisal?

Emotional bank accounts enhance employee engagement

Many organisations are not aware of the death of the annual performance appraisal. The main reason is that it no longer, if it ever did, produces the outcomes it sets for itself. There are still too many organisations using them to develop, enhance and assess the performance of their people. There is an alternative, moving from Performance Management to Performance Leadership. This is a move to on-going daily or weekly performance conversations that give feedback on the spot or certainly on a very regular basis, rather than the retrospective feedback that comes with an annual appraisal.

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Take Your Foot Off the Brake – Create a New Story.

Create a New Story

How often do you look outside yourself for the reasons why you don’t achieve your goals and dreams? How often do you blame those external factors for obstructing your success, or for making it impossible?

It’s so much easier to do that than look inside yourself, to go down deep and discover what is crippling your spirit and your soul, what has stolen your drive to be fully who you can be. That takes you right outside your comfort zone. That is hard work.

You immortalise the story of your life and you hold on to it because it gives you a reason to stay stuck where you are. But it is only a story, to which you have given more weight and power than it actually has.Take your foot off the brake and create a new story for yourself.

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