Developing Leaders Through Mentoring

Dr. Maree Harris, Ph.D. FIML, MAHRI,

is a Mentor
to CEOs, Leaders and Aspiring Leaders,

a Facilitator of Transformational Change,

helping Leaders become 

the Leaders they need to BE

to lead in these Challenging Times.


Engaging in mentoring with Maree can empower you
to confidently lead in a world where change and disruption will be the only certainties

  • Walking the Road with you

    As a mentor, Maree walks your leadership road with you. You are not alone. She shares her extensive experience and expertise so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel as every challenge presents itself. Maree's professional background has given her an intuitive insightfulness into the interpersonal challenges leaders face in this ever changing environment. She brings this to her mentoring with you.

Mentoring with Maree
  • Going on a journey of discovery

    In mentoring, Maree takes you on a journey of discovery that sees you become aware of talents and abilities you didn't recognise you had. She then engages with you in an interactive process, helping you enhance those talents and abilities to move from where you are to where you want to be. If that is in another industry or professional sector, Maree will help you identify your transferable skills that will take you there.

  • Being the leader you need to BE for these challenging times

    Maree's work with leaders focuses on developing and enhancing your self-leadership skills. She believes that the more highly developed those skills are, the more effective you will be at leading your people. Her mentoring therefore is about motivating you to do as much work on yourself as you do on your job, to becoming the leader you need to BE in these unpredictable times.

Mentoring with Maree
  • Mentoring as a transformational journey

    Mentoring with Maree is a transformational journey. The change dynamic on this journey is the AHA MOMENT OF INSIGHT into your leadership. It is your discovery alone, not Maree's. That insight changes everything for you because at that moment you realise there is no going back to where you were, even while you have no insight about where to go next.

  • Confidential and Highly personalised learning

    What mentoring offers is a confidential, highly personalised and individual opportunity for you the leader to explore the issues that are impacting your leadership. It is a much more focused professional development process than any other. You will find Maree is very experienced in helping you gain insight into those issues and be very moved by the process of discovery.

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  • Mentoring as a group experience

    Maree is an experienced facilitator, and as such she offers leaders the opportunity to engage in mentoring in small groups of 4-8 people. In the group, she not only facilitates the sharing of participants' ideas, but also their energy. This motivates high engagement where the participants not only inspire one another's professional growth and learning but also provide a supportive network.

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Alvin Toffler Of Leadership
Group Mentoring

Mentoring with Maree

If you are someone who is committed to your professional and career development

and is prepared to invest time, energy and money into being

the best version of yourself, then Maree will work with you.

Most of the professionals she has worked with up until now, however,

have fallen into one of the three groups below.