Failure is Never An Ending

Failure is never an ending

So many people are stuck, overwhelmed with regret about what they didn’t do or should have done, unable to let go of what they perceive as failure. Failure is never an ending. It is an opportunity to learn and those who proactively do the reflection also learn. They start again, and, as C S Lewis says, they change the ending.

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From Team Member Friday To Team Leader Monday

From team member Friday to team leader Monday

Moving from team member Friday to team leader Monday is challenging. Within 6 weeks of her promotion Jane had a problem that was causing her great anxiety. A close friendin the team, Emma, was coming in late to work and leaving early. Team members were complaining to Jane about it because they felt she was not addressing it because Emma was her friend. Jane who had been a long time mentee of mine came back to mentoring for help in managing the situation. How was she, as team leader, going to address this behaviour with Emma without damaging their personal relationship. Jane wanted a win/win outcome. She expected the mentoring to be quite straight forward, given her previous work with me. As result of the mentoring the outcomes was quite unexpected, much more successful that Jane ever imagined or thought possible. It was certainly a win/win outcome.

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