Mentoring for Transformational change

The only certainty you have as a leader today is that your work and life

will be constantly impacted by change and uncertainty.

If you want to be a leader for these times, you are called to embrace it,

learning how to confidently work with it. Only then will you be able

to have the transformational impact you want to have on your people

and on your organisation so you all thrive in this new environment.

Mentoring can be the most effective and useful way to do that.

Maree's Point of difference as a mentor


Maree's extensive background and more than 30 year's experience as an educator, counsellor and psychotherapist, facilitator of leadership development through workshops and masterclasses, coaching and mentoring as well as her Ph.D study on Being A Reflective Practitioner in an Age of Uncertainty has combined to give her considerable skill in helping you achieve the outcomes you want. She has an an intuitive insightfulness into the personal and interpersonal challenges professionals face in this ever changing environment.

When Maree combines that intuitive insightfulness with her cutting edge thinking about leadership development, she helps you gain insight into your own career. She  then empowers you to confidently take those insights and use them to be take you where you want to go. 

Maree Harris, PhD.


Maree believes that the most sustainable road to success is by surrounding yourself with empowered and empowering people. She wants to be one of those people for you. She will do this by creating an empowering space that is psychologically safe, highly energised and very affirming where you can discover your own power and strength.

In that space you will feel empowered and confident to explore your career development in a way you haven't done before with a mentor who sensitively helps you identify both your successes and your current challenges.

Supported by Maree you will feel empowered to make decisions that will advance your career, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.


Maree has had a life long commitment to being a catalyst for change and transformation in her own life and in the lives of those with whom she works. As a mentor she will take you on a transformational journey of discovery about your career and professional life. 

Along the way there may well be a transformational moment when everything shifts. This is the AHA MOMENT OF INSIGHT about what you want and need to be and do. You realise there is no going back to where you were, yet no clear vision of the road ahead. At the same time, however, you are acutely aware of its transformational impact.

To become the high performer you desire to be, you need to embrace the professional and personal change this insight calls for. Maree will mentor you so you feel empowered to take the transformative action that will see you step into this new you.


Invitation to Mentoring


Maree is highly committed to helping the people with whom she works achieve the success they aspire to. She brings high energy and enthusiasm to her work and gives very generously of her time. She only works with people whom she believes will be equally committed to the process of their career development. That commitment is very empowering and sees people achieving more than they ever thought possible. 

This commitment is not a decision you make to "do" mentoring. It is an experience in which your engagement, interaction and involvement are essential to you achieving the outcomes you desire. 

Sometimes you will hit roadblocks, potholes or rough patches on that journey and that's where your commitment will be most challenged. If you stay with Maree committed to the journey, she will help you discover strengths you didn't know you had.

Maree's Qualifications

Maree completed a primary teachers' training course upon leaving school,  and

18 months later took up a post-graduate travelling scholarship to study overseas.

Later she did undergraduate study at Latrobe University.

She followed that with a Degree in Social Work at the University of Melbourne.

She commenced a Masters there shortly after, but transferred to RMIT and to a

to a Ph.D, where she drew together her extensive experience writing a thesis on

Being A Refective Practitioner in An Age of Uncertainty,

which received high praise from her examiners.

Maree's Professional Experience

Maree brings to her mentoring extensive experience and expertise developed

over more than 30 years. She has worked with professionals from

across a wide range of industry and professional sectors.

The very broad range of themes, topics and issues raised by those with whom

she has worked, both in groups and individually, mean that she has

needed to consistently be at the cutting edge of thought leadership,

human behaviour and performance enhancement.

As well, Maree continues to have an empowering commitment to her

on-going professional and personal development.

This background brings a breadth, depth and richness to her mentoring.

Maree's Professional Journey

Counselling and Psychotherapy

In 1989 Maree established her own counselling and psychotherapy practice,

where she continued to work with clients until 2005 when

she began to wind it down. Finally closing it in 2013.

Counselling to Coaching

Around 1994 Maree began seeing an increasing number of leaders coming to

her counselling practice discussing the challenges they were facing in their

leadership. None of them needed  counselling and she began "coaching"

them without even  knowing the word. It was only some years later

she discovered  that was what she had been doing.

Leadership Development

In 2005 Maree established People Empowered, a leadership development company,

as her work with leaders had expanded considerably,

She specialised in helping leaders develop and enhance the

self-leadership skills they needed to lead through

 these changing and challenging times.


During COVID lockdowns, Maree decided not to take her presentations online.

Instead she escalated her mentoring. 

As it achieved significant impact for leaders she has decided

to specialise in mentoring from 2022 onwards.

The Best Version Of Yourself
mentoring women

Organisations Maree has worked with

This is just a small selection of the many organisations Maree has had the pleasure to work with

over the years. Many cannot be mentioned for privacy and confidential reasons.

She has conducted workshops and leadership development training to some,

masterclasses to others. She has provided consultation and facilitation to some,

and mentoring, coaching and consultative supervision to others.

Ballarat Community Health
Victoria Department of Human Services
MACS Geelong
Youth Involvement Council, South Hedland
Achtung Camper
Lifeline Ballarat
St John Of God, Ballarat
Catholic Eduation Office, Ballarat Diocese
St John Of God, Geelong
Family Violence, Magistrates Court
St John Of God, Subiaco
Mt Hotham Resort
Central Highlands Water