Are You Ready For A Career Change?

Career Change - give an encore performance

COVID gave so many professionals the opportunity to step back and do a re-think on every part of their lives, their professional lives being no exception. Many decided they were ready for a career change. They decided, when the disruptive virus caused them to stop and reflect, that they didn’t want to go back into the rat race in which they had worked for too many years. Nor did they want to continue visiting groundhog day. Others realised that the job they had was never really what they wanted to do anyway. They had gone into that industry or professional sector because mum and dad had done that. Unfortunately others lost their jobs during that time and began to contemplate a career change that offered more security in this disrupted world.

Some viewed this reality with fear and trepidation, not knowing where to start. Other approached it with excitement and took pro-active initiatives to pursue their career change, one of which was to seek mentoring and coaching to accelerate the process. These excited professionals gave an Encore Performance. If you are still parked in the garage with the car running too afraid to back out, get on the road and make the career change move, then this article is for you.

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