When Stress and Overwhelm Take Control

Stressed and Overwhelmed Professional

When we are experiencing stress and overwhelm about our workloads, we tend to automatically think “if only I had better time management skills I could manage this workload”. At least that’s what people say to me when they come for mentoring, help me manage my time better. What is causing their stress, however, is not their time management but rather that they are not good at setting priorities. The first thing people need to do when they become stressed and overwhelmed is to STOP, STEP BACK and REFLECT on what is happening for them. I talk about the value you can gain from doing that even while you don’t believe you have time to do it. The more important question, however, is whether you are prepared to do it. If you are not there are consequences that are far worse than the current stress and overwhelm.

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Prioritise Your Life. Don’t Let Life Get in the Way.

Prioritise your life

We are living in very uncertain times that have been thrust upon us. It is very easy to feel powerless in the midst of this unrelenting COVID virus threat. It is easy to let ourselves drift, or lurch, along with it. But I want to throw open the challenge to you to begin to use this time to prioritise your life. You have the power. You can take hold of your future. You can begin to prioritise what you want it to be. So take time to step back and do it.

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