Take Your Foot Off the Brake – Create a New Story.

Create a New Story

How often do you look outside yourself for the reasons why you don’t achieve your goals and dreams? How often do you blame those external factors for obstructing your success, or for making it impossible?

It’s so much easier to do that than look inside yourself, to go down deep and discover what is crippling your spirit and your soul, what has stolen your drive to be fully who you can be. That takes you right outside your comfort zone. That is hard work.

You immortalise the story of your life and you hold on to it because it gives you a reason to stay stuck where you are. But it is only a story, to which you have given more weight and power than it actually has.Take your foot off the brake and create a new story for yourself.

What’s Your Story?

My mother died when I was 7 years old; my father sexually abused me; my parents lived in a violent relationship; we were very poor. Or maybe it was that I had to leave school at 15 and support the family; I went to a very rough school and was bullied; I was told by teachers constantly that I would amount to nothing and that I was stupid. I live on the wrong side of town. No one from my suburb ever achieves anything. We don’t get chances and opportunities like people from the other side of town. No one in our family ever went to university.

What is your story that you replay in your head over and over that gives you an excuse to not even explore your potential? The longer you listen to that story, the more you will come to believe it. The tragedy is that it is not true.

Move Your Inner Stuff and Write a New Story for Yourself.

The world is full of people who challenged their story and wrote a new one, people who faced every possible obstacle and difficulty and rose above them. They did that not by removing the externals in their way. Rather they did it by facing and struggling with their inner obstacles – their fears, their limiting beliefs, their feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness and their anger, for example. You, too, can challenge your story and give it up.

Take Your Foot Off The Brake.

If you know there is something you want to do in your life, but you have your foot on the brake and therefore are stopping yourself from doing it, ease your foot off the brake and do some reflection about making it happen.

  • What is it you really want to be doing?


  • What is the story you tell yourself that stops you from doing it?


  • Where did your story come from?


  • What is stopping you from writing a new story so you can achieve what you want to achieve?


  • Who could help you so you can fast-track your success?

You can challenge your inner demons and achieve anything you want.

Take your foot off the brake.

Give up your old story and create a new one.

Leave your excuses behind.

And if it all seems overwhelming for you, get a mentor to help you.

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