Monday Motivation October 22, 2018 – Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem


Peter Wilson, President of the Australian Human Resource Institute, has said that only 24% of employees in Australian organisations are engaged, 60% are neutral – just there but not really engaged – 16% are turned off. Not only are these statistics worrying, they raise a big question – WHY? Why do so many people in our organisations feel unable to take the action that would see them become more engaged?

If you had a magic wand, what 3 problems in your workplace would you like solved?

Now, I’m going to challenge you to be very honest with yourself.
Have you even tried to solve them?
Why haven’t you been able to solve these problems up until now?


Has it all seemed too hard?
Have you come up with some answers but then just given up and said: “That won’t work here”?
Have you then just continued to complain about it?
Have you made it worse, by becoming part of the problem?

In every workplace. people complain about the problems and about why “someone” isn’t doing anything about it.
Those who complain become part of the problem. The more they complain the bigger the problem becomes.

The late President John F. Kennedy once said:

I thought “someone” should do something, and then realised
I was “someone”.

My Motivational Challenge for This Week.

Go back to the list of reasons why you haven’t been able to solve these problems before this.
Think big! Think laterally! Believe in yourself and your capacity to influence.
What change would you need to make in yourself to do that? Are you courageous enough
and committed enough to do it?
Motivate yourself this week to be that SOMEONE, to do something about those 3 problems you want to solve in your workplace or your work.
Sit down with a colleague or your team and pro-actively work out how you are going to be part of the solution.

Remember if you are not Part of the Solution, you are Part of the Problem.

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