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Superconnector Networkers


This is a follow up to my post earlier about Your Network is Your Networth. This is to inspire you as to what is possible if you take that seriously and build your net-worth through networking.

I am attaching two articles on SuperConnectors. These are the people who have taken networking to a new level. Many people network with a sole purpose of serving themselves – getting business, status, ego development in knowing the right people, for example. Because we all know people like that, we are then hesitant to do what I have suggested you do in my previous blog post and reach out to those with whom you want to connect. We are frightened of being rejected because we don’t see ourselves in their league. This is what is different about the SuperConnectors, they bring a generosity to their networking. They are about helping others, sharing their net-worth with those they meet and interact and connect with. Read more about them here.

15 People Who Are Taking Networking To A New Level

eet the Superconnectors: How the new mavens of networking are playing a different (and more generous) game.

This article was written back in 2014 but is well worth a read – from Fast Company (USA)

Networking and Leadership: Secrets of the Super Connectors

This is from 2016 and was published in the Institute of Managers and Leaders Magazine here in Australia.

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