Are Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Your Career Development?

Limiting Bweliefs sabotaging career development

Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small,
you are in essence ignoring the owner’s manual your creator gave you
and destroying your design.
– Oprah Winfrey

These words really resonate with me as a mentor because so many of the people that come to me are doing this, suppressing some part of themselves and letting their limiting beliefs sabotage their career development. As a fee for service mentor, the people I see are highly motivated and prepared to invest in themselves financially, and invest their time and energy. At the outset they don’t realise that they are the only thing holding back the best version of themselves.

I believe that each of them is unique, created one of a kind, with so much potential waiting to be unpacked and explored. This is why they are here on this earth – to become truly who they are meant to be. This applies equally to their professional life.

Yet many of them play small, too frightened to take the risks that will see them achieve what they are capable of achieving. They don’t know how to respond either to those others who keep them small to keep them in their place. As a result they drive through life with their foot on the brake.

If this is you, as a mentor, I can help you change all this.

Stop and Reflect on Whether Your Limiting Beliefs

are Sabotaging Your Career Development.

You can break through to an empowered, pro-active You.

What is stopping you from achieving your career goals? What are your limiting beliefs that you either aren’t aware of, or if you are can’t find a way to way break through them?

Or should it be: Who is stopping you achieving your career goals? Who is standing in your way, giving you negative messages, or creating barriers that you are unable to break through?

Some Common Limiting Beliefs

“I don’t deserve….”

“I am not good enough to apply for that job.”

“I only have 70% of the KPIs”.

“I couldn’t handle that responsibility.”

“I don’t have enough experience.”

“I don’t know that I have anything to offer.”

“I am frightened I will fail if I try.”

The often unexpressed limiting belief is “What if I succeed.”


All of these Limiting Beliefs emerge from the GREATEST FEAR OF ALL

 the Fear of Not Being Enough!

The irony of all this is that beliefs aren’t real. You turn them into facts and then they seem real. Beliefs aren’t facts. None of those beliefs above are true. They are just emotional roadblocks.

What beliefs do you have that are sabotaging your career and your life?

When someone believes in you and tries to help you create a new story, what are your “Yes, buts…..”?

Your answers are your limiting beliefs.

Believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will. More importantly, you’ll never know who or what you could become.

Everything you need to be truly who you are meant to be, to reach your potential, is inside you.

Get a Mentor to Help You Break Through Those Limiting Beliefs.

This is where mentors can be so helpful.

They take your hand and they walk with you.

They know the road because they’ve been there before.

They support, encourage, challenge and help you break through every limiting belief you have.

They believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

They help you discover talents and potential you didn’t realise you had.

They work with you to develop strategies to go where you want to go and they support you every step of the way.

If you make the commitment of your time, energy, and money, you can achieve everything you want for your career development.

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