The Australian Leadership Project Asked Me Who The Leaders Were That Impacted Me Most.

Maree Harris, Ph.D and Australian Leadership

When Victor Perton asked to interview me on Australian Leadership for the Australian Leadership Project, I thought I would easily be able to speak about leadership in 2018. Instead I went on a reflective journey, thinking about the leaders who have impacted me most. What surprised me was how many of these were part of my life in my 30s and 40s but left a lasting legacy that has shaped my professional development and career ever since.

Victor asked me 3 questions:

  1. What are the unique qualities of Australian Leadership and Leaders?
  2. What do Australian leaders want from their leaders?
  3. Who have been the leaders in your life journey ? What or who has inspired you?

The leaders I talked about were John McFarlane, former CEO of ANZ, Winsome McCaughey, AO, founder of the Community Child Care Movement and second female Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Ann Sherry, AO, who worked across every industry and professional sector, displaying inspiring leadership in them all, Ken Lay, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Rosie Batty, victim of unimaginable domestic violence and leader of change in the area, and Gail Kelly, former CEO of Westpac.

To read my reflections, click the link below.

Maree Harris on Australian Leadership: “Australians want their leaders to be empowering leaders”.

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