Setting Up Systems Can Empower Your Productivity

Hands tied and disempowered


“Setting up systems”, you say. “How would that empower my productivity?” It can. Let me tell you more.

You know that feeling you sometimes have at the end of the day? You have been flat chat all day but you can’t see what you have achieved. You just feel very unproductive some days, but you also wonder why. You have been helping people all day, aswering their questions, providing them with the information they need – for them to be productive! You feel your hands are tied, stopping you from doing what you want to do.

How much time do we waste every day at work telling people the same thing time after time? The next day we do it all over again. We explain procedures to our clients over the phone twenty times a week. We explain to at least 2-3 of our colleagues every week how to do something that is integral to our business.

Why haven’t we got a system that does that to which we can refer our colleagues and clients? We could have a flyer or brochure on it – online and hard copy – to which we could refer them. We could have a video on the intranet to which we could direct our colleagues when they don’t understand that issue or situation. Sure it takes time to set up systems, but it also takes enormous time – if we add it up over a day, a week or a year – to explain the same things over and over.

What Does A SYSTEM Do?


So I’m challenging you this week to begin to set up one System for yourself or your organisation. Reflect on what it is that you find yourself doing over and over or having to repeat over and over.

It may be information that is given out over the phone to a constant enquiry people make.

It may be a checklist for people when you are doing work for them so that you don’t have to keep going back to them for more information.

It may be a Q & A or a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website.

Whatever it is JUST DO IT THIS WEEK!

Next week do another one and notice the time you save and the way your frustration transforms into Energy and Empowers you. You will feel much more productive.

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