Rethinking Performance Appraisals

performance appraisals


Are performance appraisals the bane of your life?

Do you dread doing them and you find your employees hate them also?

Do you know that there is no other business practice that fails so often to bring about the outcomes it sets for itself, but continues to be used year after year?

Did you know also that increasing numbers of organisations are abandoning them in favour of better ways of motivating and enhancing the performance of their people?

You can also do that!

It has surprised me as I work in this area how many people do not realise there are alternatives to the traditional performance appraisals and alternatives that produce much better outcomes for motivating the performance of their people.


Rethinking Performance Appraisals with Maree Harris, Ph.D.


Do A 3.20 Masterclass With Me On Rethinking Performance Appraisals

And Help Me Raise Money For

The Andrew Love Cancer Centre Here In Geelong

Here’s How You do It.

  • Organise a 3.20 hour Masterclass in your Organisation for a minimum of 6 people per group, which I will conduct, giving my time and expertise at no charge.
  • Phone me and book a date in August or September.
  • Go then to my Dry July Page and make a donation of $100 per participant. You will receive a tax deductible receipt from Dry July.
  • I will make contact, confirming all arrangements and if necessary discuss with you how I can tailor the Masterclass to your organisation.

What will the Masterclass Discuss?

  • The traditional approach and its shortcomings.


  • Changes that have been made by those organisations who have abandoned appraisals and an evaluation of those changes.


  • Introduction to another way of approaching performance which calls for a move from Performance Management to Performance Leadership.


  • Ideas for transitioning from where you are now with performance appraisals to a new way of enhancing performance with a Performance Leadership process.


  • Introduction to Performance Leadership Skills
    Being the coach, not the critic
    Inspiring intrinsic motivation, rather than extrinsic, reward and punishment motivation
    Focusing on employee strengths, rather than their weaknesses
    Using a feed-forward approach, rather than a feed-back one
    Creating with and for employees a psychological contract, where managers work with employees to achieve win/win outcomes.


  • The debate about ranking performance and the alternatives. Who dislikes them and which people want them to remain.


  • Training of leaders and managers that is required so that they can confidently transition to this other way of motivating and enhancing the performance of their people.

Alternative for Small Organisations.

If you are a manager of a small organisation and you don’t have a group of 6 managers, but would like to do this Masterclass, please place an expression of interest with me. if I can get 6 interested managers, I will conduct a special session for you.


Further Details and Bookings

Maree Harris, Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]
Mob: 0408 351 631 (Preferred)
Tel: 03 5245 8773

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