Podcast – Empowerment, Soft Skills, Reflection, Self-awareness and Much More

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It was a privilege last week to be interviewed for this podcast by Joanne Law from the Mediation Institute. The Institute “trains and empowers people who want to make a positive difference in other people’s lives” by becoming mediators.  It provides a range of courses that provide aspiring mediators certificates that give them industry recognition and accreditation in family dispute mediation and workplace mediation. It also offers continuing education programs and advanced training as well.

Its regular podcast has generally been about specific mediation issues, but Joanne has been engaging with people like myself to provide mediators with a broader perspective of ideas that will further enhance their skills and insights.

If any of you reading this blog post have ever aspired to be a mediator I strongly encourage you to make contact with the Mediation Institute here.

In this wide-ranging interview we discussed empowerment and being an empowered and empowering person, soft skills and what they mean, the importance of reflection and self-awareness among ofther issues.

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Joanne Law and Maree Harris


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