Introducing Mentoring at MareeHarris.Com.Au

Mentoring at MareeHarris.Com.Au

It was back in 2005 that I established People Empowered, my leadership development company. For the past 17 + years I have been conducting workshops, masterclasses, two day retreats and doing mentoring and coaching. Passionate about what I was doing, I saw myself continuing to do this for many years into the future.

I have already shared with you how COVID disrupted that idea, and the reflection I did that led me to my decision to specialise in MENTORING. It became so clear to me what a powerful process it is for developing leaders.

In the last few weeks, however, I have made another change that I wanted to share with you here, given it has been finalised just yesterday.

While my trading name is still People Empowered, I am going to conduct my Mentoring Consultancy under my own name. So, this blog is about introducing you to and to my new email – [email protected]

I have held this domain name for the lifetime of People Empowered, anticipating that one day I may want to use it. That day has come. Those addresses more accurately refer to who I am and what I now do.

However, all previous domain names and email addresses remain active in the background, and I will certainly receive all “correspondence” received from those addresses. I would, however, like you to change your contact list to my new name.

Mentoring At Maree Harris, Phd

I hope you will support my new adventure and refer to me people who are interested in mentoring. Send them to my website and if what I do and how I do it resonates with them I will be very happy to have a complimentary call with them to see if we are the right fit.

If you are reading this blog and not on my mailing list, please join here.

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