In 2019, Will You Be A Photocopy of Your 2018 Self?




Your 2019 self
It’s a new year, a new beginning. You hopefully have had at least a short break. You should be refreshed, but are you recharged – recharged physically with loads of energy and recharged emotionally with a positive and pro-active mindset. If you aren’t then I’m writing for you because the most detrimental decision you can make for your professional future is to be a photocopy of your 2018 self – more of the same, nothing different, moving along the same safe and secure path, nestled in your comfort zone and afraid to take risks. I’m guessing, however, that you want to change everything you were in 2018 but are both fatigued at the idea and fearful of challenging yourself .

So here’s some ideas for how you can create a new you in 2019.

1.Put aside the doom and gloom, the hopelessness and powerlessness you may feel, the fatigue and the fear. Take time out to reflect on what you would like to be doing differently this year. Focus on what you want to do not what you should do.

2. Don’t do this reflection at the desk where you do all your normal work, answer your emails, pay your bills and administer your “empire”. That’s the perfect place to stifle your creativity and create more of the same thinking. Find a place that feels good for you, a place that frees you to think imaginatively, maybe a special room in your house, or under a tree at the beach or out in the bush.

3. Make a commitment to follow through, not just a decision. Anyone can make a decision but only those who make a commitment will do whatever has to be done to take it through to completion, that you will hang in there no matter how long it takes.

4. Stay away from the naysayers, even if it means letting go of long time friendships. Naysayers get inside your head and tell you that you can’t, or that it is too risky, or too demanding or just not worthwhile in today’s environment, that there are just too many obstacles in the way. They dis-empower you.

5. 97% of people can get this far, but only 3% will follow through for the long haul. They do this by not going it alone. They surround themselves with empowered and empowering people who have the same commitment, values and drive as they aspire to have who support them to achieve what they want to achieve.

  • Get 4 respected colleagues who would be interested in joining you in a mutually supportive performance or accountability group.
  • Organise a first meeting of at least 2 hours, for each of you to share with one another what you want to achieve in 2019. Make sure you also write it down.
  • Then agree to have 2 shorter get-togethers a fortnight apart to make sure you are on track, then meet once a month after th
  • Give permission to challenge each other if any of you slip up, or diverge from what you committed to while at the same time being ready to listen and support one another in the struggle to stay on track.

Such a group with empower you in a way you probably have never experienced before.

Remember that the only thing holding back the greatest version of yourself is the current one.

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