Mentoring at MareeHarris.Com.Au

Introducing Mentoring at MareeHarris.Com.Au

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Mar 19, 2023 |

It was back in 2005 that I established People Empowered, my leadership development company. For the past 17 + years I have been conducting workshops, masterclasses, two day retreats and doing mentoring and coaching. Passionate about what I was doing, I saw myself continuing to do this for many years into the future.

I have already shared with you how COVID disrupted that idea, and the reflection I did that led me to my decision to specialise in MENTORING. It became so clear to me what a powerful process it is for developing leaders.

In the last few weeks, however, I have made another change that I wanted to share with you here, given it has been finalised just yesterday.

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Mentoring Women Blog

Mentoring Women for Career Development

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Mar 13, 2023 |

In mentoring women for career development, Maree focuses on six priorities women need to address for career success. They need to (1) have a career development plan, (2) develop their networks, (3) build a social media presence, (4) create a professional identity, (5) learn to self-promote, (6) integrate work and family. Most women will have mastered some of these; few will have mastered all. It is those they haven’t mastered that are probably blocking the career development they seek. Because mentoring is so personalised, it can focus on those individual challenges that each woman brings to the process.

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Career Change - give an encore performance

Are You Ready For A Career Change?

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Feb 21, 2023 |

COVID gave so many professionals the opportunity to step back and do a re-think on every part of their lives, their professional lives being no exception. Many decided they were ready for a career change. They decided, when the disruptive virus caused them to stop and reflect, that they didn’t want to go back into the rat race in which they had worked for too many years. Nor did they want to continue visiting groundhog day. Others realised that the job they had was never really what they wanted to do anyway. They had gone into that industry or professional sector because mum and dad had done that. Unfortunately others lost their jobs during that time and began to contemplate a career change that offered more security in this disrupted world.

Some viewed this reality with fear and trepidation, not knowing where to start. Other approached it with excitement and took pro-active initiatives to pursue their career change, one of which was to seek mentoring and coaching to accelerate the process. These excited professionals gave an Encore Performance. If you are still parked in the garage with the car running too afraid to back out, get on the road and make the career change move, then this article is for you.

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Reset your body with lifestyle changes in 2023

Reset Your Body with Lifestyle Changes in 2023?

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Dec 28, 2022 |

The start of a new year is always a good time to reset our body with lifestyle changes, changing our habits, especially around what we eat and drink. We can make good excuses for eating and drinking the way we have over the week between Christmas and New Year, even when we suffer as a result. But it is unsustainable between New Year and Christmas.

Given that what we eat and drink impacts our health and well-being and determines our levels of energy, it has, along with sleep, a powerful impact on our effectiveness and the success of what we do. I have said many times before that the way we manage our energy is far more important than the way we manage our time. High energy people do not have a time management issue, for example.

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Empowering You Through Mentoring Copy

Empowering You Through Mentoring

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Nov 19, 2022 |

Have you ever had a watershed experience, an experience that inspires an aha moment of insight that calls for you to make a big change in your life?

Such watershed experiences come uninvited and without an attached plan, which initially can shake our foundations because they raise questions about the road we are travelling, questions we previously hadn’t asked ourselves.

When we stop and take those questions seriously, however, and open ourselves up to finding answers, we so often discover in our answers a conviction that inspires us to follow through and make a change.

It was the COVID pandemic that presented me with my watershed experience and the aha moment of insight. I am turning the next page of my life and spending the next part of it empowering leaders through mentoring.

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Take back control

Take Back Control in a Crisis

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Nov 16, 2022 |

Tony Schwartz and Emily Pines wrote a great article during COVID titled “Coping with Fatigue, Fear and Panic During a Crisis”. I shared it at the time, but most would have read it with COVID eyes. I am sharing it again in this blog post because it has a universal message for any crisis we may be going through. Tony and Emily tell us that 3 Selves rear their heads when we face a crisis – The Survival Self, The Overwhelmed Self and The Adult Self. The only one that will help us manage and move through the crisis contructively is if we can take back control by acting out of our Adult Self.

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Procrastination is an Emotional Issue

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Nov 7, 2022 |

Procrastination is not a time management issue as many think. It is an emotional issue.The irony is that many people, if not most, want tips and strategies for managing it. They are easy to give but they may work one or two times, but then people find themselves procrastinating again. Why? Strategies, which sit well within our rational and logical self, only work when they are aligned, and work hand in hand, with our emotional self.

Many people who struggle with procrastination have all kinds of emotional obstacles blocking their success. They procrastinate for a whole range of reasons, and finding out why is the first step in overcoming procrastination.

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Procrastination is Exhausting

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Oct 18, 2022 |

Procrastination ……….. we all know what that is. Some of us know it better than others because we live with it day after day. It’s our constant companion. It is so exhausting and fatiguing.

That project, report, phone call, letter, difficult conversation or action we have to take is on our mind all the time. We know we have to do it but we keep defering and delaying it. Why? We know it is not going to go away on its own. We all know that ultimately we are going to have to do it.

In the meantime, it absorbs enormous amounts of our emotional energy as we worry and angst about it.

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EmpowerYourself Through Mentoring

Empowering You Through Mentoring

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Oct 10, 2022 |

During the last week People Empowered turned 17 years old. It felt very right to celebrate 17 years, rather than wait until the 20th anniversary which most people would have done. Why? Because I’m re-branding again.

People Empowered has continued to provide leadership development for 17 years – workshops, training, mentoring, coaching consultation and facilitation. But COVID has caused me, like so many others, to re-evaluate what I want to be doing into the future, where I can make most impact and difference for leaders. I’ve decided to specialise in mentoring from my 17th year onwards and that’s why I am celebrating. Soon I will have a revamped website that will reveal how I can empower you through mentoring.

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Self Leadership Conversation

Self-Leadership is Leading From Within

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Sep 27, 2022 |

Some weeks ago I had this video conversation about Self-Leadership with colleague and friend, Ian Berry. He wanted to talk with me about my ebook “Lead from Within -Be An Empowered Leader For An Unpredicable Future.” This is the book people receive when they sign up to my blog. I believe that the first responsibility of leaders today is to lead and manage themselves. If they cannot do that, they have no right to expect to lead and manage others. This means, as the late Jim Rohn said, “working as hard on yourself as you do on your job”. It means making a commitment to developing and enhancing their self-leadership. We discuss the 7 self-leadership skills that significantly enhance the leadership of those who commit to working on themselves with a mentor or coach.

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