Maree Harris, Ph.D.

Empowering You for Success Through Mentoring


People Empowered has continued to provide leadership development since 2005. But the

COVID pandemic caused Maree, like so many others, to re-evaluate what she wanted to do

into the future. Where could she make most impact and difference for leaders using her

extensive professional background and highly developed skills?

Deciding not to take her workshops online, believing that the way she worked

did not allow her to make the impact she wanted, she instead accelerated her mentoring.

She did Zoom calls with mentees  but was able to

quickly schedule a face to face session (which most preferred) when a lockdown ended.

This very personalised learning in a psychologically safe and confidential setting, working

towards goals set by the mentee saw amazing outcomes. People left sessions with insights

and skills they could implement immediately. Others worked with Maree on a longer journey

that took them to a place and success they never anticipated at the start of the mentoring.

From 2022 onwards, Maree's commitment is to empowering you for success through mentoring. She believes it is the most effective career development process.

She is therefore ceasing ceasing her other leadership development work.

mentoring women
Making a Lasting Transformational Impact

What Maree's clients say about her

Michelle Caldwell, Franchisee, Fernwood Women's Health Clubs, Bulleen, Victoria.

I was matched with Maree through a mentoring program offered by my professional association. Maree is a great comunicator and I felt comfortable and encouraged to talk with her about things of interest and importance to me. We spent considerable time discussing my team and consequences of KPIs, which was very helpful. She also helped me to clarify what my point of difference was within the Fernwood network. Maree has empowered me to back myself and as a result my business is growing into areas that I hadn't imagined before we started working together. Also my own professional development has been enriched. I am extremely grateful to Maree for giving her time and sharing her wisdom with me and I plan to pay it forward and do the same for others from now on.