When you turn the next page of your life,
what will be written on it?
will you write a new story and
become an encore professional?

Who are the encore professionals?

You are watching a concert at the Performing Arts Centre.

The curtain goes down and everyone applauds the great performance.

They keep on applauding until the curtain goes back up again

and the artists return to the stage.

They give an Encore Performance, singing a new song

that was not part of their first performance.

You too can give an Encore Performance.

You can be an Encore Professional.

Refiring, not

Until recently, when most people turned the next page of their lives, what was written on it was Retirement. That is not the case anymore, especially for you. Retirement is not on your radar. But you do not want to pursue a new version of the profession in which you have spent your entire life. You are highly energised and fired up to make the next page of your life  something different. If you are unsure what that could be then mentoring with Maree can help you gain clarity and get the support you need to chart your new future.

Moving to a New career

COVID has seen many professionals reflect on their careers and re-think their futures. They are not only considering changing jobs but also changing careers. If you are one of those professionals who has reached that point in your professional life where you want to initiate a career change, don't hesitate and procrastinate about taking action. It is a natural reaction to feel apprehensive and uncertain about such a big step. Mentoring with Maree can help you clarify your thinking and facilitate your decision-making. With that clarity you will feel empowered to negotiate the change and the challenges inherent in it so you can confidently move to a new beginning.

Choosing a Future Oriented Career

After leaving school, so many professionals like you, follow in their parents' footsteps. You choose the same profession because your parents, wanting only the best for you, told you that it offers a secure, stable and financially rewarding long term future. Recently you have become aware that their advice no longer rings true for you. It's not what you want to do into the future. In the rapidly changing uncertain world in which you are living, you don't see that professional career as necessarily secure, stable or even financially rewarding any longer. If this really  is you, but you are hesitating and even apprehensive about making the break, let alone having this conversation with your parents, then mentoring with Maree could be very helpful and supportive.


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Redundancy to New Beginnings

Choosing redundancy can be liberating. Being made redundant can be devastating. Whichever is your experience, you may be unsure about where to go next. Many people begin looking for another job in the same industry or professional sector. That doesn't have to be your only option. You may not be aware of how transferable your skills are and what other industries or professional sectors would value your skill set. Mentoring with Maree can help you explore all the options available to you and maybe inspire an exciting new beginning.

Giving Back

Many professionals who have had highly successful careers decide that the next page they turn in their life will be a Giving Back page. They decide not to accept the prized offer of the executive search firm, who has heard they are leaving their current role, or pursue any other highly paid professional career. Instead they decide to give their experience and expertise back, at a nominal fee or pro bono, to the community and society to which they attribute their success. If this is you, but you need to explore your options and align your expertise and experience with your aspirations, then mentoring with Maree can be a very helpful way to do that.

Focusing on who you want to be

Career advisers, parental expectations, and high academic results, with associated career expectations, see many professionals lacking congruence in their professional lives. Who they really are deep within, what they believe, and the values they hold are in conflict with the work they are doing in their industry or professional sector. If this is you and you have been aware of this for some time, then maybe it is time to stop and address it. Even while you are very successful and highly regarded at what you are doing, if it is incongruent with who you are, or who you have become, then it is very important for your future success and well-being that you align who you want to BE with what you DO. Mentoring with Maree can help you explore that and become true to yourself.

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What Maree's clients say about her

Sean Vagg, Communciations Consultant, Victoria.

Maree helped me make the transition from a courtroom lawyer to a freelance communications consultant with my own business. Maree's wisdom, insight and steady mentoring was absolutely key to this transition and I am so grateful to have worked with her to get where I am today.

Maree's decades of experience with people from all walks of life has made her empathetic, emotionally intelligent and an exceptional coach. I always leave our sessions with a potent, powerful mix of theory and big ideas on the one hand, and concrete, practical, actionable steps on the other.

Maree inspired me to think about what was possible in my career, rather than just what was predictable and obvious. Maree's detailed knowledge across such a wide range of sectors and industries allowed us to map out the steps between where I was and where I wanted to be, bringing my inspiration to life and making it feel possible and achievable.

Sometimes our sessions were heavy on discussion, other times I needed focus and momentum. Maree was always able to pick up on my needs, match my energy, and gently yet firmly push me towards a career and a future where I am now in touch with my motivations, confident and conscious of my strengths, and occasionally amazed at how I've been able to so completely reinvent what I do.

I have no hesitation in recommending Maree as a professional mentor for those considering a change in direction in their career.

Dr Sally Burt, Ph.D. University of New South Wales, Canberra.

When looking to change careers, I was referred to Maree by a friend to mentor me through the process. I found Maree to be incredibly insightful and helpful in drawing on my strengths and passion for my ambitions. She encouraged and assisted me to identify my goals, find practical ways to take steps towards them and build a range of broader skills that will be useful in my career and life more generally. I came away from each of our sessions having learned something and with a little more confidence and hope.

With Maree's caring and accommodating approach, I felt inspired and gained the confidence I needed to take action to achieve my ambition and see it was not out of reach. She shared a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as we progressed on our mentoring journey together. Her experience and understanding of leadership, career development and management is very deep, and she shares it freely empowering others to find their right path. She conveys her passion for helping others succeed in their profession as well as for finding well-being more generally. Maree is an awesome listener and is incredibly perceptive which helps her find the strengths in her mentees and opens them up so that her mentees see them too.

I am now in my dream job and I can honestly say without Maree's assistance and encouragement I would not be where I am today.

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