Rethinking performance appraisals.

It is the ceremonial event of the year for white collar workers in every post-industrial economy. It costs a lot of money and produces a mountain of paper work. Managers dread them and few handle them well. Employees are intimidated by them and resent them.

There is no other business practice that fails so often to bring about the outcomes it sets for itself, but continues to be used year after year. Some organisations tinker around the edges trying to improve it, but for most it remains fundamentally the same.

In recent times, many prominent companies – Deloitte, NAB, Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, Motorola, to mention a few - have broken ranks and announced the death knell for the practice in their organisations. Many more are considering following them.

In this interactive workshop, Maree will:

  • Facilitate a discussion about rethinking the performance appraisal, moving from a performance management process to a performance leadership one

  • Introduce the 5 skills that managers need to learn and adopt to drive performance using a performance leadership approach

  • Share examples of how those companies, that have abandoned the traditional appraisal, are driving the performance of their people

  • Make suggestions for small but significant changes organisations can make in the short term that will improve their processes while considering more long term change