Be the coach, not the critic.

What better example do we have of how to coach for high performance than that of Luke Beveridge who took the Western Bulldogs, in 2 years, to a Grand Final win in 2016.

In fact when we look for examples of sustained high performance, some of the best are found in our elite athletes. But they did not get there on their own. They were coached, mentored, inspired and motivated by male and female leaders who were able to bring out the very best in them.

This workshop is about how you can do the same for your employees. It’s about how you can coach them in a way that motivates and inspires their intrinsic motivation, so that they want to bring 150% of themselves to work and work WITH you, not just FOR you.

It will present an alternative approach to driving performance by critiquing their contribution with feed-back that de-motivates, dis-empowers and as a consequence drives dis-engagement.

This workshop will introduce you to the skills you need to be able to coach your employees to be high performers.

It will help you to make the move from managing the performance of your people, to leading it.