Being The Empowering Leader

The ability to empower employees is one of the greatest skills a leader can possess. It’s that ability to inspire intrinsic motivation, to activate the “power within” them. They then give you 150%, go the extra mile, and want to work WITH you, not just FOR you because you have engaged their hearts and minds.

With the exciting work being done on Neuro-leadership – Leadership with the Brain in Mind – we now have evidence that our employees have the capacity to change their personalities, attitudes, mindsets and behaviour if they want to. We also have the scientific explanations as to how certain leadership strategies motivate or de-motivate our employees.

When leaders understand this, they can use that knowledge to develop the skills they need to bring out the very best in their employees. In these very uncertain, unpredictable times, characterised by significant exponential change, being skilful at motivating for high performance makes them a highly sought after leader.

In this interactive workshop, Maree will discuss the 6 actions leaders need to take to empower their employees and the skills they need to do that.

  • Develop a Clear and Focused Vision and Empowering Purpose for Your Employees.
  • Develop a Psychological Contract with Your Employees.
  • Create Win/Win Relationships With Your Employees.
  • Be the Coach, Not the Critic.
  • Empower and Inspire Their Career Development.
  • Keep Growing Your Empowered Self so you can be an Empowering Leader for Your Employees.