What is Group Mentoring?

  • It is an opportunity for a small group of 4-8 people to meet to engage in facilitated discussion on issues that are impacting their work.

  • The small group allows for a high degree of interaction, learning from one another and sharing of ideas and insights.

  • The time allocated to the group mentoring will determine how it will proceed - whether it engages with one issue or has time for all participants to raise their issue.

  • It introduces you to a group of leaders with the same commitment as you.

  • The group can be an internal organisational team, or can be a diverse group of professionals from an external network.

Group Mentoring with Maree Harris, PhD.

What Maree Brings As A Group Mentor

  • Her 30+ years of experience in leadership development.

  • Her commitment to cutting edge research in every area of her work

  • Her excellent facilitation skills, where she facilitates not only the ideas and insights of the group but also its energy.

  • Her ability to actively engage all the members of the group

  • Her skill in helping participants identify and articulate their insights and ideas, empowering them in the process.

  • Her commitment to follow up after the group mentoring is finished

Group Mentoring
Creating A Third Mind In Group Mentoring

what maree's clients say about her

Maja Merc, Finance and Revenue Professional.

In a previous work role, I was privileged to be part of regular Team Building Group Mentoring Sessions run by Maree. Maree is an absolute inspiration and a woman that I truly admire. Her knowledge, skills and wisdom are just amazing. She always knows how to respond to our problems that we are facing in our professional or personal lives. She equips us with very simple and practical solutions and after every session she leaves us empowered and with a "Can Do" attitude. I highly recommend Maree's expertise. She can work with all levels of an organisation.

How to engage with maree in mentoring