Time Management For Busy Professionals

You are living in a 24/7, high-pressure and stressful world, it’s going faster every year. You produce more information now in a week than you once did in a year. You carry in your pocket what you call your phone, but it’s really your 24/7 office that makes you available at every moment of the day and night. This tiny “office” of yours has more computing power than the spaceship that put man on the moon.

The “noise” of this hyper-linked reality of technological connection, interaction and availability bombards you with ideas and choices. It has the potential to lead to overload and loss of productivity and efficiency when, in fact, it was supposed to do the opposite.

How do you as a busy professional manage your time in an environment like that?

As the saying goes – Time Flies, But You Are The Pilot. You have to assume control of your life and determine what you do with your time.

This workshop will discuss four starting points for doing that:

  • 1. Track Your Time

    This is about knowing what you do with your time at present so you can manage it better.

  • 2. Set Your Priorities and Manage Them

    In here I will help you work out what you need to stop doing, keep doing and start doing.

  • 3. Work Smarter, Not Longer

    Often it is not your workload that is the problem, but your work habits.

  • 4. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

    Invest in yourself and keep yourself in top condition for the long haul. Stop doing what saps your energy. Do more of what energises you.

The real challenge, however, is learning the leadership skills to manage yourself. As Eben Pagan says:

The term ‘time management’ is a misnomer;

We need to manage ourselves, not time.