Finding Your Voice: Being The Assertive Woman Leader

Many women have had the experience of not being noticed in their organisations, regardless of how significantly they contribute. They don’t see their opinions and ideas taken seriously. They can’t get heard at the table. They feel that they do not get the opportunities to demonstrate their leadership potential.

As a result, in spite of all the talent, expertise, hard work and commitment that they bring to their organisations, they often don’t get the opportunities and promotions they desire or deserve. At the same time, however, they are often told the organisation couldn’t do without them.

This workshop is about how women can turn this common experience around by finding their voice and becoming more assertive.

It will discuss:

  • what it means to be assertive and the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness,

  • how women can be more strategic in ensuring they get heard and skills for doing that,

  • how women can learn to act like the leader they want to be so as to attract leadership to them,

  • women’s communication styles that can hamper them being heard and taken seriously,

  • how to say “no” without saying “no”, so they have time to do what is important for them, rather than what everyone else wants them to do,

  • how women can build the connections and relationships that will support their advancement,

  • the enormous value in fast-tracking the process of being mentored by women who have found their voice, are assertive, are being heard and have gained respect for their talent and potential.